Dewatering Solution

Dewatering Solution
OasisSykes leads in dewatering solutions.

Oasis Sykes are leaders in dewatering solutions.These systems are Centrifugal end suction pumps with vacuum assisted priming, driven by Lister –Petter air cooled diesel engine and mounted on two or four wheeled site trailers suitable for site movement. The range of pumps includes 3", 4", 6" and 8" models. A range of electric submersible pumps for fixed or free standing use with powerrange up to 200KW.

Oasis Sykes pump can be tailor–made to match all the customer's requirements:

blt Fitted to the customers prime -mover.

Hire services

Oasis Sykes also provide pump hire services. Our pump hire units, including diesel, electric and hydraulic pumps ranging from 3" up to 8", are used across many industries for ground dewatering, over-pumping and fluid movement applications.

Oasis SykesDewatering Advantages

The Oasis Sykes Ltd system is uniquely capable of delivering fast, reliable and easy installable dewatering systems. Oasis Sykes Ltd has specialists in all the technical areas associated with the manufacture of water and sewage pumps, assembly, installation and maintenance. Our purpose built facility, which includes a foundry for the production of cast iron and aluminum castings, pattern shop, Moulding shop, Laboratory, Machine shop with over 40 machines tool, and large assembly and store areas this allows us to maintain strict quality controls of manufacturing procedures to ensure entire customer satisfaction of the product.
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